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You manage events

You sing, play, dance or DJ

You nail those presentations

You enjoy your special occasions


You don't need to worry about sound. We can do that for you.

A sound choice for your audio needs

Nashville Sound Rental was started in 2008 by a professional musician with a resume ranging from small clubs to large festival stages. The vision was to build a sound company that meets the needs on both sides of the stage... not exclusively those of the audience or of the talent. We give VIP status to every fan, client, guest and performer to make sure all parties involved have a stellar experience.

We like to think of ourselves as the "small-but-just-big-enough" audio company. Small enough to give you the personalized attention you deserve, but big enough to provide your event the equipment and services it needs to be a success. In addition to the equipment and pre-configured packages you see on our website, we are happy to fine-tailor a package to meet your specific audio, visual and staging needs. Don't hesitate to contact us!


Joshua Ingram


Comes from a background as a pro touring musician, but his mixing chops aren't too shabby either. Josh applies a musician's ear to the audio business. Can't help but be a little OCD, makes sure the job is done right. He also keeps ties to his roots by maintaining an online guitar shop.

Stephen Lee

Operations Manager

Two parts pack rat and five parts genius, Stephen can find the creative solution in any situation. He is an excellent front of house and monitor engineer, also gainfully employed at Brentwood Baptist Church and as an audio install technician at the Titans' Nissan Stadium.


We are located on the south side of Nashville, just off Bell Road conveniently between I24 and I65.


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