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Your event can really shine. We have something for everyone...


...Bands, DJs, corporate functions, fashion and trade shows, birthday parties, brides and wedding venues!

  • uplighting

  • gobos

  • string lights

  • stage wash

  • moving heads

  • smoke and fog

Thanks Stephen,


Everything was wonderful. Thanks so much for all of your work and dealing with my crazy calls and requests!



Governor's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Our most popular lighting fixture is the Chauvet SlimPar Pro H USB. It has strong, vibrant output, capable of uplighting tall walls and making it a great stage wash fixture. It perfectly mixes the sought-out amber and pastel colors, it strobes, and it does UV for blacklight effects. Hence, we use this LED fixture as the backbone of our lighting packages.

Lights can be used in various modes with a simple controller, allowing for colors fading from one to another smoothly or chasing the beat of the music as in this video (ideal for DJ's).

Our uplights are wirelessly controlled via tablet to make nailing that exact color a breeze and to allow you to compare options on the fly! Different lights can be set to contrasting colors in an alternating pattern, wall by wall, or in any arrangement desired. They can even be set to slowly fade between your event's theme colors.


Stage or DJ Lighting


(1) Chauvet Obey 6 Controller

(2) Lighting Stand

(8) Chauvet SlimPar Pro H USB (bright LED lighting fixtures)

(1) Cable Package

Price: $200


  • color fade

  • strobe

  • chase mode (follows beat of the music)

Wireless Uplighting


(1) Tablet and wireless interface

(16) Chauvet Freedom Par Quad-4 IP (battery-powered LED uplight)

Price: $400


  • use the full color palette offered on the Tablet interface to exactly match your theme color(s)

  • arrange lights to highlight specific elements such as cake table, signage, bar or unique architectural features

  • lights can fade between colors as the night goes on and the energy picks up

Available Upon Request

  • Moving Heads

  • Truss

  • Totems

  • Scrims

  • DJ Facades

  • Fog

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