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Here are some common options we provide

6'x8' Projection Screen

4:3 aspect ratio, 120" diagonal


4k Lumen Full HD Projector

Bright, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 3D capable


8'x8' Tripod Projection Screen

Adjustable height and aspect ratio

Includes skirt


Folding Projection Screens

For both front- and rear-projection

Include full dress kit (top, sides and bottom)

7.6'x10' Projection Screen

4:3 aspect ratio, 150" diagonal


9x12' Projection Screen

4:3 aspect ratio, 180" diagonal


4.5'x8' Widescreen

16:9 aspect ratio, 110" diagonal


5.6'x10' Widescreen

16:9 aspect ratio, 138" diagonal


6.75'x12' Widescreen

16:9 aspect ratio, 165" diagonal


Looking for a different screen? TV's? Give us a call!

Short-throw and long-throw projectors available

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